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New York HDTV antennas

Looking for a HD antenna for your TV?

Please read on… just some worthy honest info here I wanted to pass along! What I discovered!
I tried them all!… hdtv antenna's from well-know companies like Terk, Winegard and others. At the time I thought they were the only ones that made hdtv antennas… they're the biggest companies out there making them! It took a week of headaches and aggravation going up and down on my roof installing different Terk antennas models (including their best they offer) only to pick up 1 hdtv channel! Believe me, those "bar" type antennas we tried from Radio Shack and the ones from Terk that attach underneath your over-hang and the type that you set on top your tv… DON'T WORK! I tried the "bar" type HDTV antenna and both my other friends each tried 2 different brand names of the old fashion type hd antenna! My buddy Tom tried the one you set up on top your HDTV… LOL! I bet him $10 it was crap he lost!

Determination paid off!

So I got online looking for an outdoor hdtv antenna in New York right after I bought my HDTV

(as you are likely doing right now) and came across other brand name antennas that were available. The thing was though they all had that very general arrangement which lead me to believe I would get the same kind of performance from those brands also. I finally came across a company in which all they did was make these very unique looking hdtv antennas! Actually I found out about them while watching NBC's "Today's Show" one morning. They were doing a special segment on this company! Actually they're becoming one of the highest regarded hdtv antenna companies in the country! What caught my eye immediately was the totally different design they had…so I gave it a shot and purchased the DB4 outdoor hdtv antenna model! I was so astonied by how well I received ALL my hdtv channels perfectly, (all within the first scanning of my tv!) UNBELIEVABLE! Me and another buddy of mine even live down in a depression! Not only that, but how inexpensive they were and how invisible they appear on our homes!

The DB4… this is the hdtv antenna we all bought in New York!

I was going to take my own pic (too lazy to get back up on my roof) this one's off their site. After going through all of this and in the end me being the one to find the "crème of the crop" hdtv antenna… We all ended up getting the same DB4 model except my brother; he had to get the next version up cause he lives so much further out. Make sure to check out the NBC video coverage from the "Today show", CNBC's "On the money" and "Digital Life TV"… They all have special segments about this company and the HDTV Antennas they sell!

This HDTV antenna has been wonderful for my wife and I and our friends!

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